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Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

A vegetarian diet plan for weight loss is not just about losing weight and looking slim. But it is also about maintaining a healthy and fit body. Besides, following a vegetarian diet for weight loss will ensure you eat vegetables and fruits regularly, boosting your metabolism. In a vegetarian diet plan, you increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, and cereals.

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Things to Keep in Mind About Your Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

  1. Increase protein intake in your healthy vegetarian diet.
  2. Reduce your carbohydrate intake. Some carbs are fine but avoid junk food.
  3. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots and lots of water to increase your metabolism and remove body toxins.
  4. Create a daily healthy food chart with a balanced fiber intake.
  5. Avoid binge eating by all means. Eat healthy snacks such as nuts at regular intervals, and don’t eat too many junk snacks at once.
  6. Avoid artificial sugar.
  7. Don’t rely solely on your vegetarian diet plan for weight loss. Working out daily along with the diet is extremely crucial. Or, if you cannot find time for exercising, make room for physical activities in your schedule.
  8. Eating small and frequent meals should be your process for weight loss.

Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss – Veg

Early morning:

This applies to those who like to eat something early in the morning before breakfast time. You can have a few nuts of your choice during the early hours but do not exceed 5-6 pieces as maintained in your vegetarian diet chart for weight loss.


  1. Have a banana or a couple of slices of brown bread without the spreads.
  2. A bowl of cereal, oats, and juice made of fresh fruits.
  3. A glass of cucumber and carrot juice. Or a Quinoa salad platter.


  1. Eat fruits or vegetables. Choose from banana, orange, cucumber, carrot, watermelon, apple, or pear.
  2. Cucumber, lemon juice, salt, and pepper salad are also ideal.
  3. Add 4-5 whole wheat crackers to your vegetarian diet chart for brunch.


  1. Brown rice in a small bowl with vegetable curry and a salad without heavy dressings.
  2. Quinoa salad with hummus.
  3. A small bowl of dal with salad and one roti. Or, a bowl of poha.
  4. Khichdi in a small bowl complimented with raita.
  5. A bowl of rajma rice with raita.
  6. A bowl of chickpea salad consisting of chickpeas, carrots, olive oil, onion, vinegar, broccoli, salt, pepper, and parsley is good for lunch plan in your weekly diet plan for weight loss.

Evening snacks:

  1. A medium bowl of sprouts and green tea.
  2. A small bowl of boiled corn with green tea.
  3. A glass of green tea and one khakra.
  4. A cup of fat-free yogurt.


  1. A small bowl of curry with one roti and salad.
  2. Some sautéed vegetables with 1 cup of lentil soup.
  3. A glass of tomato soup with light paneer tikka.
  4. A glass of soup, with a bowl of sprout salad, dal, and one roti.
  5. A quarter bowl of hummus and one whole-wheat pita bread.

Before bedtime:

A glass of milk before bed is ideal if you have a big gap between your dinner and bedtime. Do not binge on biscuits, ice cream, or an extra slice of pizza. Have a few nuts if you do not want a glass of milk.

Mix and match these options to make the best vegetarian diet for weight loss. You can also check and create new recipes.

Instead of having three full meals, have smaller meals five times to balance your hunger. Eating in controlled portions will reduce overall calorie consumption and prevent overeating. Keep all these things in mind for your vegetarian diet plan for weight loss.

Two Rules You Should Follow for Your Healthy Daily Meal Plan

1. Don’t skip a healthy vegetarian breakfast for weight loss

Having a healthy breakfast daily prevents you from consuming snacks or overeating other meals throughout the day. However, if you want your vegetarian diet plan for weight loss to work effectively, don’t forget the importance of a wholesome breakfast in your balanced vegetarian diet.

Apart from your breakfast, you should also have an early, light dinner. Most people have a slow metabolism at night, and eating dinner at least two hours before sleep helps greatly. So, make sure you keep this in mind as well.

2. Include fiber-rich foods in your one week diet chart

Opt for high-fiber vegetables, fruits, and grains that promote fullness and keep you satiated for a long time. Foods rich in protein and complex carbs and unprocessed foods boost fullness while regulating your hunger hormone ghrelin, aiding weight loss.

Vegetarian Diet Chart for Weight Loss in 7 days

Are you planning on creating a 7-day diet chart for weight loss? Then you need all the information you can get. Here, we will guide you on everything you should include in your 7-day healthy eating plan.

Day 1 of Your Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Breakfast: A cup of oatmeal cooked in water with honey. Or a fruit platter with apples or berries. Finish it off with lemon detox water.

Lunch: Vegetable salad bowl with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, olive oil dressing, and baby spinach. And a cup of green tea at the end.

Dinner: A veg wrap with slices of tofu is a good way to start your 7-day vegetarian meal plan.

Day 2

Breakfast: One cup of peas poha and sugarless coffee.

Lunch: A cup of vegetable curry with around half a cup of brown rice.

Dinner: One toasted multi-grain bread with a medium cup of broccoli soup.

Day 3

Breakfast: Fruit smoothie, peanut butter toast, and lemon honey detox water.

Lunch: Quinoa vegetable bowl along with one cup of coffee in almond milk. Add little sugar.

Dinner: Yellow lentil dal with more than just a half cup of brown rice with salad is a good choice for your vegetarian diet plan for weight loss.

Day 4

Breakfast: Two multi-grain rotis filled with vegetables with curd. Have a small cup of green tea at the end.

Lunch: One Indian burrito bowl with brown rice, vegetables, and homemade mint-basil sauce suits your 7-day vegetarian diet plan for weight loss.

Dinner: A couple of multi-grain rotis with low-fat cottage cheese and salad.

Day 5

Breakfast: Unsweetened almond milk with cinnamon and chia seeds and lemon detox water.

Lunch: Around half a cup of brown rice with tofu curry, curd, and green salad.

Dinner: A multi-grain wrap with cottage cheese and vegetables. Compliment it with a cup of chamomile tea.

Day 6

Breakfast: Two multi-grain idlis with homemade chutney and one cup of rasam or chia seed water.

Lunch: A cup of brown rice with sambar and salad or one medium cup of buttermilk.

Dinner: Add Lauki sabzi, one cup of lentil soup without tempering, two multi-grain rotis, and salad to your 7-day diet chart.

Day 7

Breakfast: Cinnamon detox water or besan ( gram flour) chilla. You can enjoy it with garlic chutney and mint chutney. Or you can have just one apple.

Lunch: One cup of brown rice with curd, chickpea, spinach curry, and salad.

Dinner: One or two whole-grain toast or one bowl of vegetable soup.


Following a 7-day protein diet plan for weight loss is challenging but an excellent way to lose weight. But remember to see visible and faster results; staying consistent, avoiding high-calorie foods, and following the recommended healthy vegetarian diet plan is critical. Consult an expert for guidance, and go for NATURALTEIN’s protein powder to support your weight loss journey.

We aim to make your weight loss journey effective and easier with our vegan protein powder. NATURALTEIN is one of the most trusted brands producing vegan plant-based protein powder and is certified by the Cologne list. Visit our website for residue-free whey protein in India and more.

FAQs about Vegetarian Diet Plan for Weight Loss

1. What is the best veg diet plan for weight loss?

Are you looking for the best healthy vegetarian food diet plan? Choose a variety of plant-based foods. For example, fruits and vegetables, legumes and nuts, and whole grains to get the most out of your one-week diet plan for weight loss. Simultaneously, avoid less healthy food options such as sugar-sweetened beverages, fruit juices, and refined grains. Doing so will ensure that your 7-day meal plan for muscle gain will actually work.

2. Is a vegetarian meal plan better for you?

Vegetarian diet food includes more vitamins C and E and less saturated fat and cholesterol. It also includes dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium, magnesium, and phytochemicals (plant chemicals) such as carotenoids and flavonoids than meat diets. Therefore, a 7-day meal plan to lower cholesterol can be perfect for you when maintained smartly, especially if you have a healthy vegan diet plan.

3. What happens when you follow a veg protein diet chart?

Vegetarian food helps lower LDL cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and rates of hypertension and type 2 diabetes compared to non-vegetarian diets. A one-week diet plan for weight loss will also help lower BMI, cancer rates, and a lower risk of chronic disease. So, if you are in a fix on whether or not to create a veg diet chart for weight loss, we say you go for it.

4. How much vegetarian diet food should you eat per week?

For vegetarians, eating plant-based food is a lifestyle. But for meat eaters, it is often a doubt if they should deliberately include 1000 calories diet plan vegetarian in their diet. Well, we say, if you haven’t yet, then you surely should. You don’t necessarily have to eat vegetarian meals every day; you can include them only once in your one-week diet plan to begin with.
Further, if you are on a weight loss diet, you must have a vegetarian diet plan for weight loss accordingly. Beans, lentils, vegetables, and whole grains are the basis of vegetarian and vegan meals. Make sure you add all these to your healthy vegetarian diet.

5. How can I maintain good health with a healthy diet chart for Indian family vegetarians?

If you and your family rely solely on your vegetarian balanced diet chart to stay fit, then we have a few tips on balancing your weight and overall health with a vegetarian diet. Go through our tips on vegetarian weight loss meal plan below:
Avoid foods high in sodium, added sugars, and fats if you are a vegetarian or vegan.
Choose foods that are high in protein.
Limit your carbohydrate intake.
Consume enough vitamin B12.
Meet the requirements of calcium
Choose vitamin D-fortified foods.
Consider consulting with a registered dietician.

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