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What is Whey Protein Concentrate?

When it comes to health, many people don’t want to make any compromise. You will see the rise of healthy proteins because regular diets may not contain all essential amino acids. Many people want to know what is whey protein concentrate as it is one of the most popular forms of protein powders.

This write-up will answer your every query and explains why NATURALTEIN has the best whey protein concentrate powder that stand out from others.

What is whey protein concentrate?

Whey protein concentrate has shot to fame as a popular type of protein supplement derived from milk. You can typically buy it in powder form to increase protein intake in the diet. Whey concentrate powder is the source of amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins. Relatively low in calories and fat, whey protein is a good choice for those looking to build muscle mass or lose weight.

It also has some health benefits, including reducing the risk of heart disease, improving digestion, and so on. The reason why it is popular among athletes and bodybuilders is due to its high protein content. It is a good choice for those trying to lose weight.

We can say it is generally safe to consume. However, you may have some potential side effects that you should be aware of. These include bloating, gas, diarrhea, and headaches.

That’s why you should opt for NATURALTEIN whey products which are made with all natural ingredients.

Difference between whey protein isolate and concentrate

You will come across that there are two main types of whey protein supplements that people talk about the most: whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. So, what is the difference between whey isolate and concentrate?

Whey protein isolate content:

Whey protein isolate is a purer form of whey protein, containing 90-95% protein with very little fat and lactose. This makes it ideal for lactose intolerants or looking to cut down on fat intake. If you want to know the benefits of whey protein isolate, you can read this article.

Whey protein concentrate protein content:

It is a less processed form of whey protein; it has 80-85% protein with some fat and lactose still present. This makes it a good choice for those who are looking for a more affordable option or who don’t mind the extra calories from fat.

So, which one is right for you? If you’re looking for the highest quality whey protein supplement, whey protein isolate is the way to go. However, it is a perfectly good option if you’re on a budget or are less concerned about purity.

Some whey protein concentrate benefits

Now the question arises, is whey protein concentrate good for you or not? Here are some of the benefits that can make you aware of it.

Whey protein concentrate promotes muscle growth

Best whey concentrate provides the body with a high-quality source of protein. Whey concentrate is lower in lactose than other forms of whey protein and is excellent for those looking to build muscle mass(source). It is also a good option for people who are sensitive to lactose.

Whey concentrate is a good source of branched-chain amino acids and a rich source of glutamine, an amino acid that helps to support immune function. Glutamine can also help to improve recovery time after exercise. This makes concentrated whey protein an ideal choice for those looking to build muscle mass and a good option for people who want to lose weight, as it can preserve lean muscle mass.

Whey concentrate protein powder may lower blood pressure

If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you may be able to lower it by adding whey protein to your diet. Whey protein is a type of protein obtained from milk. It contains bioactive peptides called lactokinins (source), which have been shown to lower blood pressure. So whey protein may be a good option if you’re looking for a natural way to lower your blood pressure.

Whey protein may help reduce inflammation

As per this study, high doses of whey protein may reduce blood levels of C-reactive protein, indicating that it can help reduce inflammation.

This is endearing news for those who suffer from chronic inflammation, as whey protein may provide a natural and effective way to reduce symptoms.

Whey concentrate may enhance the body’s antioxidant defenses

According to NCBI, one potential benefit is that it may help to strengthen the body’s antioxidant defenses. Antioxidants are substances that can neutralize harmful chemicals known as free radicals. The thing is, free radicals occur naturally in the body, but they can also come from exposure to environmental toxins. Free radicals can destroy your cells, leading to inflammation and other health problems.

Whey protein has been shown to promote the formation of glutathione in the body.

Protein in whey protein concentrate is highly satiating and may help reduce hunger

You can consume whey protein because it is highly satiating. This means that it can help you feel full and reduce hunger. This makes it a very resourceful addition to a weight loss diet. Whey protein’s richness in sources of other nutrients, including calcium, can help weight loss.

As you can see, whey protein concentrate health benefits are impressive.

Which is the best whey protein concentrate?

You will come across three types of whey protein: whey protein concentrate (WPC), whey protein isolate (WPI), and hydrolysate (hydrolyzed whey protein). WPC is the least processed form of whey protein. It contains more fat and lactose than the other forms but is also the most affordable.

Consider the following factors when determining which whey concentrate is best for you. The protein content and quality are important considerations, as is the price.

Whey protein concentrates vary in protein content from 30% to 80%. The higher the protein content, the costlier whey products will be. However, the quality of the protein is also important. Whey protein concentrates that are higher in quality will have a better amino acid profile and be more easily absorbed by the body.

You can’t ignore the whey protein concentrate price as another important consideration when choosing it. The best concentrate whey protein in India is typically less expensive than those higher in protein content.

These factors will work when choosing a whey protein concentrate and getting the best product.

How to use whey protein concentrate?

If you know what is whey protein concentrate and now want to know how to use it, here is what we have for you. It is a high-quality source of protein that can help you reach your daily protein needs. Here are some tips on using it to make the most of its benefits.

1. Add it to your smoothies or shakes

Whey protein concentrate can be easily added to your favorite smoothie or shake recipes. Simply add a scoop of it to the blender and other ingredients. This is a great way to increase the protein content of your beverages without changing their taste or texture.

2. Mix it into oatmeal or yogurt

Another way to add natural whey protein concentrate to your diet is to mix it into oatmeal or yogurt. This can help boost the protein content of these foods without making them taste too “protein-rich.” Simply add a scoop of whey protein concentrate to your oatmeal or yogurt and stir until it is evenly mixed in.

3. Use it as a protein-rich topping

You can use whey concentrate protein shakes as a protein-rich topping for your favorite foods. This is a great way to add extra protein to your meals without changing their taste or texture. Simply sprinkle a scoop of whey protein concentrate over your food before eating.

4. Add it to your baking recipes

Whey protein concentrate can also be added to your baking recipes. This can help increase the protein content of your baked goods without changing their taste or texture. Simply add a scoop of whey protein concentrate to your flour before adding wet ingredients.

5. Use it to make protein-rich snacks.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to increase your protein intake, whey concentrate can be used to make protein-rich snacks. This is a great way to get an extra dose of protein between meals. Mix a scoop of whey concentrate with water or milk and enjoy it.

As you can see, whey concentrate is a versatile and convenient way to increase your protein intake.

Why buy whey protein concentrate from NATURALTEIN?

Many ask what is whey protein concentrate, and why they choose NATURALTEIN. Regarding protein powders, whey concentrate is one of the most popular options on the market. Let us put forward some good reasons, and why concentrated protein powder is an excellent source of protein.

Of course, not all whey concentrate will give you the same results. So, why should you choose NATURALTEIN as the best whey protein concentrate in India?

Here are just a few reasons why you should buy Naturaltein’s whey concentrate:

  1. It is made from grass-fed cows.
  2. It is non-GMO and free of hormones, antibiotics, and other unwanted additives.
  3. It is free from artificial colors, ensuring that it retains all its natural nutrients.
  4. It is easy to digest and gentle on the stomach.
  5. It mixes easily and tastes great – no chalky aftertaste.

We can say that NATURALTEIN has high-quality whey protein supplements that tick all the boxes, look no further than NATURALTEIN. And the best thing, it is available in 2 different types: chocolate and vanilla + coconut. And, if you don’t want it in any flavour, you can choose unflavoured whey concentrate. We’re confident you won’t find a better protein powder with a reasonable whey concentrate price on the market.


We have provided you with enough explanation about the difference between whey isolate and whey concentrate, and many more things.

You might have got the answer to what is whey protein concentrate. Of course, now you have to make an informed decision.

At NATURALTEIN, we create whey protein powders that are glyphosate residue free and Cologne List® certification.


What is whey protein concentrate used for?

Whey protein concentrate (WPC) comes from whey, as in the liquid that remains after milk has been curdled and strained. You can get it in powder form and mix it with water or other liquids.
WPC whey protein is about 80% protein by weight. The rest is made up of fat, lactose, and minerals.
Since whey protein is a source of essential amino acids, it is the building block of proteins. Your body needs these amino acids to build and maintain muscle tissue and other tissues. WPC is popular among athletes, muscle building people, and those who want to gain weight or improve their performance in strength training.

What is in whey protein concentrate?

Whey protein concentrate WPC contains all the essential amino acids your body needs to build muscle and repair tissue. Its richness in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) is critical for stimulating muscle growth. In addition, whey protein concentrate is an excellent source of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that helps protect your cells from damage.

Is whey protein concentrate good?

We already have mentioned many it’s benefits. It is a great source of protein and provides all the essential amino acids your body needs to build muscle and repair tissue. Whey concentrate protein is also low in calories and fat, making it an ideal protein powder for those watching their weight. Additionally, you can easily digest and absorb it, making it a perfect post-workout recovery drink. Overall, whey protein concentrate is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality complete protein powder.

Which whey protein is best isolate or concentrate?

You must clarify that you should consider several factors when determining which whey protein powder is best for you.
The best part is that both are excellent protein sources. However, whey isolate is typically about 90% pure, while whey concentrate is usually about 80% pure. So, whey protein isolate would be the better choice if you are looking for a higher protein concentration.
In addition, whey isolate is typically lower in carbohydrates and fat than whey concentrate. So, whey protein isolate would again be the better choice if you try minimizing your carbohydrate and fat intake.
Keep in mind both are excellent protein sources. The best choice for you will depend on your individual needs and goals.

Is whey protein concentrate gluten free?

Yes, it is gluten free. The main component of it does not contain any gluten. Therefore, it is an excellent source of protein for those who are sensitive to or have celiac disease.
NATURALTEIN concentrate whey protein is also GMO free, made with natural ingredients, and glyphosate residue free.

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