NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)



India’s Most Trusted Protein
Made with 100% Natural Ingredients
Non GMO | Soy Free | Gluten Free
Super Mixability! Tastes Amazing!
High Protein (24 g per serving)

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✔ First company make sure you got 100% original product-Transparent supply chain – No middleman
✔ First to bring 100% natural ingredients- (No artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors or fillers)
✔ First and Only Protein certified by cologne list- German Sports University
✔ First and Only Company having products- Glyphosate residue free certified

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HIGH PROTEIN sweet whey powder manufacturers


NATURALTEIN’s unflavoured whey protein concentrate contains only 2 ingredients – whey protein concentrate and natural sunflower lecithin. It is 100% natural and contains no artificial additives.



NATURALTEIN is the first company to use sunflower lecithin in protein powders. Our whey protein contains natural sunflower lecithin which is considered as a safer and healthier choice than soy lecithin used in other whey powders. Lecithin is added as an emulsifier (blending agent) to enhance the mix-ability to the protein powders.

sunflower whey protein isolate manufacturers


FREE HARMONE COWS whey protein germany


NATURALTEIN’s Protein is sourced from healthy cows which means that the cows are treated ethically and free of artificial bovine hormones such as rBST and rBGH. Research shows that Milk from healthy cows is nutritionally superior and healthier as compared to regular milk from cows kept in inhumane conditions. This milk is free from any chemical residues ensuring positive effects on your body.



NATURALTEIN’s unflavoured whey protein concentrate has all the nutrition values you need. You get 24g of protein, 2.2 g fat, and 1.2 g of carbs per serving. This helps you achieve lean muscle mass growth.

whey protein mango flavour

Dosing & Preparation

Mix 30g (about 1 Scoop) of Whey Protein with 200ml water or low-fat milk. First, add the liquid to the provided shaker. Then add one serving of Whey Protein powder and shake well for 20-25 seconds. For optimal results, take 1-3 servings of whey protein daily (as per individual protein intake requirement) at equal intervals throughout the day (post-workout, in the morning or in the evening).

1. Add 30 grams of protein in 200ml of water/milk.

2. Shake it for 20-25 Seconds.

3. Enjoy the natural goodness of our protein anytime in the day

Our Suggestion

You could add the Pure 07 Pre-Workout supplement as well. Your benefit: you will have extra energy and focus before a starting your workout. Pure 07 Pre-Workout should always be taken 20-30 minutes before training/workout.


More Info

NATURALTEIN –  Whey Protein (1000g)

  • India’s Most Trusted Protein
  • Made with 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Non GMO | Soy Free | Gluten Free
  • Super Mixability! Tastes Amazing!
  • High Protein (24 g per serving)

Why we love unflavoured whey protein?

Many people choose unflavaoured whey protein powder because they are do not like much sweeteness in thier shakes, also, unflavoured whey always has more protein than flavoured protein.


Does unflavoured whey protein contain more protein than flavored one?

Yes, Unflavoured whey always has more protein per 100 grams or per serving when compared to flavored protein.

Does Unflavoured whey protein contain all essential amino acids?

Yes, our whey proteins have all essential amino acids, both (flavored and unflavoured).

Does, unflavoured whey cause bloating?

No, our whey is derived from best quality milk and does not bloat at all.

What is the best time to consume NATURALTEIN’s unflavoured whey protein?

Most people say the best time to consume whey protein is post-workout, but, truth is that you can consume whey protein any time during the day. Our body needs protein and with whey, your protein requirement is gets fulfilled, so the timing doesn’t matter much but the quality and quantity matter a lot. So, always keep a check on your protein intake.

At NATURALTEIN, we create all-natural whey protein supplements. So, you can count on us.

92 reviews for NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)

  1. KRISHNAPRASAD R (verified owner)

    Great protein with good quality, mixablity is good. Taste neutral, smells milkish.

    Got good results with good diet and naturaltein whey concentrate raw

  2. (verified owner)

    I have tried the unflavored one and i can say i feel 2 things
    First : placebo :that when you get assured from all ur trusted youtubers that this brand is reliable and have so many certifications that you will receive a natural product , so i felt happy and non-cheated.
    Second : light on stomach, very few protein i found that are light on my stomach or i think this is the first one.

    NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate  – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)
  3. Adhiraj (verified owner)

    The best whey protein in the Indian market, go order without any hesitation.

  4. Vishal (verified owner)

    Loved this product. Easy to digest. No bloating. Will try other flavours.
    My suggestion would be to introduce trial pack so as to taste every flavours before buying in large quantity.

  5. Hemant Nigam (verified owner)

    I have been using this protein from last 4 months and results are quite good. I have tried other brands as well but this way better than those.

  6. Md Saif (verified owner)

    Best Product Ever 🥰❤️💯

    NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate  – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)
  7. Manish jat

    👍👍 best product

  8. Sarita Singh (verified owner)

    I had ordered this powder for my mom but was scared that it wouldn’t be easy for her to digest as she already had stomach issues. But after ordering this pack, not only did she feel energetic but also she didn’t face any digestive issues which is usually a problem with other good brands of whey protein like Muscle Blaze etc.
    I would recommend the unflavoured one as it totally gives the taste of pure milk.

  9. KRISHNAPRASAD R (verified owner)

    This protein is excellent, with fantastic mixability. Every time I use it, the smell of milk reassures me about its quality. My only suggestion is for Naturaltein to work on improving their website expecially on mobile devices.

  10. Harshit Rajoria (verified owner)

    Bought this protein for my father last month as it is totally safe and natural product. I have also tried its Vegan Protein Chocolate flavour and now its time for concentrate caffe mocha flavour.

  11. Karan Bajaj (verified owner)

    Tried it for the first time..its Good and natural unflavoured whey protein but the only problem is that its difficult to carry whey protein without a at this price point a box will be really appriciated.

  12. Tovake (verified owner)

    The best natural protein in the market , 5 star on mixabillity purchasing even more

    NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate  – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)
  13. Tovake (verified owner)

    The best protein powder so far no added preservatives mixability is 👌 purchasing more

  14. Mayukh Banerjee (verified owner)

    Till now no bad effects. Gets the job done! But if you could provide packages of different quantity in a single container (2kg, 2.5kg, 3kg) it would be so much better.

  15. Paras Yadav (verified owner)

    One of best protein I came across. The protein is very light to the stomach. Also within 3 months with diet and supplement I have transformed my self to the next level. Iam doing exercise from last 10 years. So, I know the overall quality of the product. I can buy cheaper option available in the market but compromising health id not my priority…. You can go with this product…..

  16. harsh chauhan (verified owner)

    Bought 4kgs at once, best decision got it for 7500 easily digested without upsetting the stomach easily mixed and moreover I have noticed that my physique and performance are improving day by day

  17. Parveen Kumar (verified owner)

    This is most trusted and authentic supplement available in market. Provides protein supplements with natural flavours and unflavoured also.taste is also good. 🙏

  18. Parveen Kumar (verified owner)

    This is most trusted and authentic supplement available in market. Provides protein supplements with natural flavours and unflavoured also… taste is also good. Be Natural Be safe 🙏

  19. katyan (verified owner)

    I think it is one of the best and safest whey available in the market, I have been using it for last 8 months

  20. Shyam Sawant (verified owner)

    As a fitness enthusiast who’s always on the lookout for premium supplements to support my training goals, I came across Naturaltein Whey Protein Isolate almost 2 years back , and it has been a game-changer in my fitness journey. Their products are bit expensive but clean without any artificial fillers or additives and high quality what I wanted. I have reviewed it on my channel also –
    Premium Quality Ingredients: Naturaltein Whey Protein Isolate boasts a top-notch formula that uses high-quality whey protein sourced from hormone free cows which are grass-fed also. This ensures a cleaner and purer product, free from harmful additives and unnecessary fillers. I prefer unflavoured over flavoured but their flavoured protein is also naturally flavoured.
    Fast Absorption and Digestion: One of the most impressive features of this supplement is its fast absorption rate and when you try mixing in shaker it will mix very easily. The whey protein isolate is micro-filtered to provide a smooth and easily digestible powder, making it ideal for quick post-workout recovery.
    Rich Amino Acid Profile: Naturaltein offers a complete amino acid profile, including all essential amino acids and a significant amount of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). These vital nutrients promote muscle recovery, enhance protein synthesis, and support overall muscle growth.
    Great Taste and Mixability: Taste is crucial when choosing a protein supplement, and Naturaltein doesn’t disappoint. The product comes in a variety of delicious natural flavors, and each serving mixes smoothly without any clumps, ensuring a delightful and convenient experience. They have used natural sunflower lecithin helps enhance its mixability and solubility. When you add whey protein powder to liquids like water or milk, sunflower lecithin helps disperse the protein particles evenly, preventing clumps and ensuring a smooth and consistent mixture.
    Trusted Brand with No Compromise and it has become an integral part of my daily routine. Their products are bit expensive but Naturaltein is undoubtedly a worthy investment as they are clean and high quality.

    NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate  – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)
  21. Anand Narayanan (verified owner)

    I started using Naturaltein for three reasons (1) the option to buy unflavoured whey; both sucralose and stevia are not, in the long term, good for the gut microbiome, just like refined sugar. This is what research says, (2) Naturaltein raw whey is sourced from Germany. Europe has some of the highest and most stringent food safety standards. So if the whey is actually sourced from Germany, as they claim, then this is one of the best options if you are planning to make Whey protein a part of your regular diet for the long term, and (3) I always go for unflavored because it has the least amount of other additives, the fewer the add-ons the better it is. I have by now bought several 1 kg packets of unflavored whey and I am very happy with the results, and no digestive side effects. The product definitely seems clean. I hope they continue with these standards.

  22. Shaurya Tripathi (verified owner)

    My every time pick . Top notch quality . No bloating, no burping and no added chemicals . Recommend unflavored.

  23. Shaurya Tripathi (verified owner)

    My every time pick . Top notch quality . No bloating, no burping and no added chemicals .

  24. Chetan Krishnamurthy (verified owner)

    I have been using this from quite sometime and this is one of the best protein i have used till now. After using so many brands, i have switched to this brand.

  25. Mohit (verified owner)

    Effective protein with good blending(water]

  26. Mohit (verified owner)

    Effective protein with good blending(water)

  27. Batman (verified owner)

    Great product, taste, smell and Mixability… The unflavored protein actually gives u the maximum amount of protein per scoop and here u can avoid all kinds of sweeteners as well. Will recommend it!!!

    NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate  – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)
  28. Sachin Shrivastava (verified owner)

    Have been consuming the Unflavored WPC since about a year now. The mixability is amazing without a single lump ever seen. The amount of protein you get in a scoop of this WPC is equal to any of the isolates and hence makes it a better deal than any competition in the market. The quality is noticeable and can safely say after a year long us that its a genuine product without any side effects or bloating. To top it all the best thing I like about the unflavored WPC is the ability to switch the taste on demand as you can add whatever flavoring you want right from Rose, khus sharbats etc, thandai mix or even choice of fruits while blending to make a new drink everyday. Must try it to compare with others in the market and I’m sure one will definitely be assured of the quality of Naturaltein and would never turn back thereafter from this choice.

  29. Prasoon Singh (verified owner)

    Best one

  30. Kaleem (verified owner)

    I have been using NATURALTEIN protein whey concentrate and Isolate from 1 + year . I have not seen any side effects till date and have seen results which I was expecting. I have cut down my weight and I suggested it to few of my friends who too had the same good results.

    Keep up the amazing quality.

  31. K DIBYA RANJAN (verified owner)

    Good quality stuff 👍.

  32. Rahul (verified owner)

    You can got with this product . It is fine

    1. Easy to Digest
    2. Less foam formation
    3. Taste is good
    4. Affordable Price (with other competitors in the market)
    5. Decent Quality

  33. Rahul (verified owner)

    You can go with this product . It is fine

  34. Sanjit S Sansare (verified owner)

    I have tried the unflavored & chocolate flavoured whey couple of times now. Based on that – The taste is okay but, the feel, mixability, product packaging & delivery is very good. Too soon to comment anything on the results yet, will try to post a review on that as well after using the products for 6+ months.
    All good up till now.

  35. shamil v (verified owner)

    Best quality protein. Mixability is amazing.

  36. Ravishu Kumar Gupta (verified owner)

    I have used it 2 times and it is giving me the results which I wanted . You can go for it for sure .

  37. Ravishu Kumar Gupta (verified owner)

    Super Product.

  38. ankitjain0111 (verified owner)

    Product is very good. Quality is best in the market. Mixability is also very good. Overall best Whey in Indian market.

  39. Himanshugoyal (verified owner)

    What an amazing product

  40. Abhinv Singh (verified owner)

    The Best Protein available in market. I have unflavoured whey protein. Mix in smoothies and shake. Very safe and clean product. Customer service support is also very good must buy👍

  41. Someshwar Vishwakarma (verified owner)

    I m using this whey protin long time and i m satisfied this product. And i m highly recommended this product plz buy it.

  42. sakshiv (verified owner)

    This is my second time ordering this product. The mix-ability is really good, taste is natural and decent – just how it should be.
    The only complaint I have is that both the times, I’ve received the packet with a faulty seal mechanism. I’m pretty disappointed that care wasn’t taken to ensure proper packaging.

  43. Jay Trivedi (verified owner)

    Taste is soo soo…. since it is unflavored
    But the quality it is providing is just amazing 🤩
    I have consumed 4 packets of this whey
    It is simply great
    All nutritional informations are accurate and no any harmful ingredients are used
    It also justify it’s price

    Give it a try 👍

  44. Indrapal singh (verified owner)

    This is the best protein i ever had, easy to digest, no bloating and the result is awesome.

  45. Pratik (verified owner)

    Best till now on whatever other brands whey I have used. Finest taste and mixability.

  46. Prabhu (verified owner)

    Nice protein good product

  47. Prabhu (verified owner)

    Nice protein

  48. Arav Singh (verified owner)

    Genuine whey protein… I trust and appreciate that the company takes their rousing of raw materials seriously and cares to include only high quality, natural ingredients. The protein mixes well and is good.

  49. Sagar Bhardwaj (verified owner)

    Amazing product, better any other indian brands, even giving it to my family members, good results.

  50. Siddhartha K (verified owner)

    Easy mixability, decent protein content. Over all good product.

  51. Arindam Goswami (verified owner)

    Wonderful product to have.

  52. G k pal (verified owner)

    Best product ever India…trustable product

  53. G k pal (verified owner)

    Best product ever Indian

  54. Omkar Vahile (verified owner)

    Excellent product

  55. Sudhir Shinde (verified owner)

    Trusted genuine product

  56. Anupam Raj (verified owner)

    Best quality protein

  57. Abhishek_Abhishek (verified owner)

    By far the best quality protein powder I’ve experienced. Mixes fine and doesn’t leave any lumps behind.

    NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate  – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)
  58. Rahul Kumar Singh (verified owner)

    Good product for beginners

  59. anwaralam (verified owner)

    Batter than other products which is available in same range…… Quality wise, Test wise, good in digestion, effective

  60. Narender (verified owner)

    Taste is good,Easy to mix in water, quality is fine and easy in digestion.

  61. C.P Deedwaniya (verified owner)

    This is the forth brand I’m using and now I’m sticking to it because It is giving me nice results also I’m using unflavored because of first it has more protein in it and then it is also cheap and doesnt have any added flavors.
    Zyzz is watching
    Joesthetic brazzaaaaa

  62. Avinandan Ghosh (verified owner)

    Taste is on a average side , but product mixability, packaging is fine and also delivery is fast. i can say about the results after completing it.
    overall a good product.

    NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate  – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)
  63. shantanu (verified owner)

    I have used whey protein of many brands before, in which I got mixed results, after Akshay sir’s recommendation, I used NATURALTEIN’S product for the first time which seemed best in this price range. Its mixability is very good and most importantly no side effects have been noticed till date. Everything from its ingredients to amino profile has been disclosed.

    NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate  – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)
  64. Ashish Kumar Mishra (verified owner)

    Genuine brand best quality protein in india I love this product. @naturaltein❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪

  65. neeraj

    Soy lecithin free..

  66. gauravsharma (verified owner)

    It has very good recovery power.Using from last 1 week recovery is quite good.Looking for more naturaltein products.Awesome product.

    NATURALTEIN – 100% Natural Whey Protein Concentrate  – Unflavoured (24 G Protein)
  67. Dupendra Kumar (verified owner)

    Mixability is excellent only 3 shakes in shaker.
    Taste likes cow milk.
    Light on stomach

  68. Amresh Nautiyal (verified owner)

    I’m consuming Naturaltein’s concentrate unflavored whey from couple of months & from my experience it is one of the best whey in the market. It’s texture, mixability & taste (neutral) assures about it’s purity. I would say just go for it.

  69. kartik thakur (verified owner)

    This is genuine protein

  70. Avit Tulaskar

    Best protien

  71. Siddharth malik (verified owner)

    Best unflavoured protein

  72. Uday Jajodia (verified owner)

    Taste is average , packaging is good . Overall great product.

  73. Swapnil Patil (verified owner)

    I got great results with this.
    Good mixability with water.

  74. Swapnil Patil (verified owner)

    Good protein. Easy mixability with water.

  75. Sameer Bhardwaj (verified owner)

    Till now the best whey protein powder. Who are conscious about their body, then they should definitely try this protein.

  76. Sameer Bhardwaj (verified owner)

    Till now the best whey protein powder.

  77. hruthik kumar

    best un-flavoured whey protein with great solubility.

  78. sachin Kumar (verified owner)

    I have tried classic unflavoured. Amazing product and has good mixability. This is my first protein because I want to put a great product in my body and I have found it. Thank you!

  79. Anish Kushwaha (verified owner)

    Amazing product must try ❤️❤️❤️

  80. Baldev Singh (verified owner)

    All products is excellent. Good performance. Natural awesome product.

  81. Raju (verified owner)

    Awesome product

  82. Hemant Salunkhe (verified owner)

    Nothing wrong with the product itself. The service was very late and they did not give the scoop with the product. Earlier I used to order it from Amazon, and at the time they told me that they don’t provide scoop if the product is not ordered from the official website. Now I ordered from the website and I received the product after 10 days and with no scoop!

  83. Ranjeet semil

    Awesome product

  84. Arpan kar (verified owner)

    Our body is getting what they deserves. Tastes doesnt matter

  85. Harkeerat Sahni (verified owner)

    Cons: Delivery is late, they did not provide scoop in separate box as claimed by reviewers, price is on the high side.
    Pros: Excellent Unflavored Whey, mixability might be meh! due to use of sunflower lecithin but its far better than cheap soy lecithin, fillers found in other whey’s.

    5/5 will buy again.

  86. hemant mudgal (verified owner)

    awesome product.

  87. Mosin (verified owner)

    Results on spot 💯

  88. Roshan (verified owner)

    One of the best unflavored protein , must try with milk.

  89. Roshan (verified owner)

    It goes best with milk. Must try for max. Protein in a scoop.

  90. Vikram Kumar Jha

    I’m going to try it for the first time.I will update after using

  91. Amit kumar (verified owner)

    All products is excellent. Good performance. Natural products

  92. Rajatsaini (verified owner)

    I have tried vanilla, choclate whey protein but this one is Better than any flavor.

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