Whey Protein Isolate – Vanilla

Whey Protein Isolate – Vanilla

(14 customer reviews)


✔ Made with 100% Natural Ingredients

✔ Naturally flavoured

✔ Sweetened with Stevia

✔ Non GMO | Soy Free | Gluten Free

✔ High Protein (25.5 g per serving)

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Naturaltein Whey Protein Isolate is made exclusively from Natural Ingredients. It has No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweeteners. It contains 25.5 grams of protein and 5.8 grams of BCAA per 30 grams.



14 reviews for Whey Protein Isolate – Vanilla

  1. William

    BEST ISOLATE WHEY PROTEIN POWDER – Only 4 clean ingredients! whey protein Isolate, Stevia leaf powdr, natural vanilla flavor from real vanilla beans ansd sunflwoer lecithin. Super natural why.,thnks

  2. Sulekha_m

    super clean iso protein – No artificial ingredients, fillers, flavors, or sweeteners. 25 grams of clean, complete protein per scoop with <1. fat. amazing tasting protein..loved it

  3. grija shah

    I’ve had Optimum Nutrition and Syntha-6 chocolate whey protein in the past, this stuff is way better. It mixes completely, so the texture is so clean instead of milky/greesy. The vanilla flavor is so nice and more natural tasting than the other two. recommended to all

  4. Dheeraj Garg

    Taste: 9/10, the greatest tasting. so natural and light
    Mixability: 10/10, put a little extra muscle into your shaker and you’ll be fine.
    Consistency: 8/10, actually sits pretty light and reminds me more of an isolate, no digestion problems.
    Price: 10/10, definitely need a discount next time 🙂

  5. Himanshu

    I like this better than other whey proteins I’ve tried – not too sweet and has a hearty taste.

    I also appreciate that it’s a true label instead of something not so clear – plus the serving scoop is an even 25 grams, which makes dosing easy.

  6. Megha Gandhi

    The flavor is WAAAAYYY too light and natural for me and it dissolves as easily as some other brands. I like the nutritional aspects/it’s easy to digest and that’s about it.

  7. vasu

    Love it. Will reorder again soon.

  8. Param v

    I truly enjoyed the flavor of the natural vanilla. I just ordered the coconut and cant wait to try it. My feedback in regards to this product is packaging. It’s a adequate size transparent container that is full lot like other brand like ON & Isopure who cheat with big containers and 1/3th full, so it looks like you are getting exactly like you actually do.

  9. sanal ck

    Never thought a protein shake can be so natural and pure. I dont have to taste the artificial sweeteners anymore.. this one tastes great like having real vanilla…just wow.. healthy and pure.

  10. Abhishek

    On a high protein, low carb eating lifestyle for 2.5 years now. So I was looking for a way to make it healthier , less sugar protein product and i bought this for my family. We find ourselves thinking we are having a delightful sweet treat- but it’s healthy & good for us! Love this flavor & trying the organic chocolate now too. I’ve had the so many protein powders over the years & this one is top notch!

  11. Dabang

    First time order Kiya Hai delivery fast hai result Aane Wale Samay Mein Pata chalega

  12. Abu Bakkar

    Best organic protein …order 2 nd with in 20 days loved it

  13. Vinay Sahu (verified owner)

    I think this is a safest & cleanest protien powder in india , just amazing in the quality but there is only one issue with the packaging, plastic pouch sometimes seal properly sometimes not . So the moisture can enter . Please do something with packaging.
    Thank you

  14. Isha tyagi

    It’s a best initiative that NATURALTEIN is taking . I love the fact that they are concerned about humans as well as cows . I really want to thank your entire team for such efforts . Moreover the protein is of best grade , there is not even a comparision of NATURALTEIN’s protein with other SO CALLED brands in the market .

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