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Showing all 12 results

Buy Gym Accessories Online

If you want to stay fit and healthy- there is no substitute to hitting the gym regularly. Are you looking for the best quality gym accessories to achieve optimum wellness? Look no further because you can buy gym accessories online right here on Naturaltein- and get amazing offers. We guarantee that our range of premium gym accessories will make you look forward to your fitness sessions.

We have an amazing range of gym accessories for you – so shop with us today!

Gym Accessories from Naturaltein

Our products include:
Gym bags – Buy Gym kit bags from Naturaltein

Our Gym kits are durable and extremely spacious to hold all your essentials. The design has plenty of compartments where you can store your keys, wallet, water bottle etc. The material is also very light on the shoulders and can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth.

You can easily store a couple of gym tees, super shakers for your Naturaltein whey drink, towel and some other essentials in them. The sports design marries style and convenience perfectly. The durable material is designed to keep your stuff no matter the weather, and holds really well against wear and tear.

It comes with a separate show component- so that you can keep your gym gear clean.

Super shakers from Naturaltein- Best protein shakers

The nutritional shakes that you make using our super shakers are of superior quality and taste delicious. You can buy gym shakers online from our website! Our super shakers make sure that your favourite Naturaltein whey protein powder dissolves in water very quickly- so you will not face any problems during your workout sessions.

Why should you buy protein shakers?

There are lots of great reasons to buy a protein shaker. Firstly, you will have no problem mixing the protein powder with the water or milk because it has a blender ball inside which is going to blend all ingredients very smoothly. You will be able to feel the difference after using a super shaker for the first time itself.

Secondly, it will be easy to drink water during a workout with the help of protein shakers. If you are drinking water from bottles then there is every possibility of getting your hands wet and it can be irritating at times.

Thirdly, research shows that protein shakes are most effective when taken right after the workout. It’s the most important thing for muscle recovery after workout. If you have to carry all the things needed to make your protein shake after your workout, it is bound to be inconvenient and time consuming.

But the Naturaltein protein super shaker provides you all at just one place. You don’t need to buy additional tools for mixing and drinking water at the same time.

Moreover, our super shakers can prepare your protein shakes really fast. Studies show that the faster you can ingest your protein after exercising, the better it is for muscle recovery. Also, ingesting protein post-workout also makes your body burn more calories to digest it.

So, buy our super shakers– and make the most of your post-workout nourishment session.

Gym Workout T shirts from Naturaltein

If you need motivation to hit the gym daily, then our premium gym t-shirts will help. Look fit and stylish while working out by wearing these amazing gym tees or fitness t shirts. Our range of innovative products can be used for a variety of purposes including training, cycling, spinning etc.

Our gym workout t shirts are made from the best quality fabric, that help you stay stylish and comfortable when you hit the gym. Buy the Naturaltein gym logo t shirts NOW!

Gym tank tops – buy gym accessories online from Naturaltein

When you want to work up a sweat- a tank top is always the best thing to do it in. The Naturaltein tank tops are airy and comfortable, and make working out more stylish. The bright green helps you look fashionable, while the design ensures you stay comfortable. Being unisex- it suits both men and women equally.

Support Clean protein metal bottle- Best Gym Bottles from Naturaltein

Proclaim your support for clean eating with our clean protein metal bottle. The metal body keeps your drink safe, and helps it stay fresh for a long time. The material is unbreakable, and our bottles are leakproof. At the same time, the product is lightweight and easy to carry.

The convenient size makes it easier for you to carry it in a side pocket of your gym bag or car bottle holder slot. You can carry it to your gym, Zumba or dance classes.

Moreover, buy buying this bottle- you can also support the farmers who supply the milk used to make our whey protein. For every bottle you buy- Rs 450 is donated directly to the farmers.
So, support clean protein and support the farmers with this high-quality gym bottle from Naturaltein.

Bio German classic shaker- Buy best gym accessories online at Naturaltein

If you follow a clean lifestyle- wouldn’t you want your gym shaker to be a sustainable product too? Our classic shaker comes in a convenient design and is made from BPA-free material that makes enjoying your protein shakes guilt-free.

The great thing about our Bio German classic shaker is that it also has an extra compartment to store your protein powders or capsules. Our protein shaker’s stainless-steel mixing ball makes sure that your protein powder blends smoothly to give you a creamy shake. The robust screw cap keeps your shake tightly locked in.

Steel shaker from Naturaltein – buy gym accessories online

A steel shaker is a good investment for anyone who is serious about fitness. You need to give your body some good whey protein from Naturaltein post-workout, and our steel shaker is the best container for it.

The metal body makes it hardy and ensures that your shake stays safe, even when the bottle falls. The food grade material keeps your food fresh and hygienic. The bottle has an indicator on the inside as well as outside so that you can get an idea of the amount of remaining liquid in it.

It comes with a stainless steel mixing ball that gives you smooth, creamy shakes. So-if you want to keep a protein shaker handy- let this be it.

Buy gym accessories online India

If you want to buy gym accessories in India, you can check online for a variety of options. But, if you want to buy high-quality, long-lasting gym gear, you can’t go wrong with Naturaltein. We have a sturdy collection of gym essentials, from protein shakers to gym tees and gym kit bags to tank tops.

By buying our clean protein shakers, you can directly help our farmers. Rs 450 from each purchase of our Support Protein bottle goes to our farmers who supply the milk for making whey protein. Buy Naturaltein gym accessories online for the best quality products.

Bodybuilding accessories online India

If you are looking for high quality gym gear- Naturaltein has rounded up some great gym basics for you. You can get premium quality gym bags, protein shakers, tank tops and gym T shirts at Naturaltein. All our products are made from high quality materials, and are designed for convenience.

Our gym wear t-shirts and tank tops help you stay stylish and comfortable while working out, and our gym shakers ensure that you get creamy shakes with little effort. Also, the sturdy bottles keep your drinks safe and spill-proof.

Best workout accessories for men – buy gym accessories online at Naturaltein

If you are a regular at a gym, you need some good quality gym accessories. We have the best gym accessories for men at Naturaltein- sturdy protein shakers made of food-grade materials, comfortable and stylish gym tees and tank tops, and durable and spacious gym bags.
Make your gym outing a stylish and convenient one with our high-quality gym accessories. Check out our collection now.

Bodybuilding apparel India

How great is it that now, you can buy your gym trainer t-shirts from the same place where you can get the best quality whey protein from?

Get everything online at Naturaltein. Along with our high-quality, clean whey protein powders, you can also buy comfortable and stylish gym sports t-shirts and tank tops. They keep you stylish and comfortable during your workouts so that your body can breathe.

So, if you are looking for some good bodybuilding apparels in India- browse our collection.

Bodybuilding gym t-shirts

Get the best quality bodybuilding gym t-shirts at Naturaltein. We have high-quality gym tees that are stylish and comfortable and long-lasting. Now, your body can breathe while you put it through its paces in the gym. Our bodybuilding gym t-shirts and tanks are made from skin-friendly fabric. Buy them online at Naturaltein.

Gym accessories for men and women in India

If you are a gym regular, you need some good accessories. And that is exactly what Naturaltein has for you. Pack all your gym essentials in our sturdy gym bags- spacious and light on the shoulder, you can store your shoes separately to keep things clean.

For men, we have some great gym t-shirts and tank tops that blend style and comfort together to make sure you have a great time while working out. We make our protein shakers and bottles from food-grade materials- which makes sure your drinks and shakes stay safe and hygienic.

Now, you can buy the best gym accessories for men at Naturaltein.