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No doubt we are living in an era where people are looking for ways to get the most out of their workout routines. Let us unveil one of the best ways to do this, you have to include glyphosate residue free whey protein in your diet. Whey protein is a protein containing all of the essential amino acids your body needs to build muscle and repair tissue.

You can’t expect all whey protein manufacturers to use 100% natural ingredients. Some products on the market contain glyphosate residues, which have been linked to several health concerns. NATURALTEIN brings the first certified glyphosate residue free whey protein to India.

What is Glyphosate?

Glyphosate has become the most used pesticide in the world. It has an enormous public profile of any chemical used in food production. In March 2015, the World Health Organisation declared that glyphosate is a probable human carcinogen. IARC came to this decision based on the views presented by 17 top cancer experts from 11 countries.

The use of other chemical herbicides and glyphosate has been enjoying global fame for over 20 years, harming human health and environmental damage. Some governments have become conscious of the negative impacts of increasing herbicide use. Fortunately, many European and Middle Eastern countries have announced that they would phase out glyphosate use in foods.

What is Glyphosate residue-free certification?

If a product flashes glyphosate residue-free certification, it is a sure shot sign the product does not contain this world’s most harmful herbicide.

It would be best if any ingredient or food product for human or animal consumption displays glyphosate residue-free certification. However, not many go through the ISO 17025 accredited third-party laboratory testing for glyphosate residues.

We at NATURALTEIN have decided to test our whey protein for glyphosate residue. We ensure our whey protein contains no harmful ingredients. Our whey protein detected no glyphosate residue. Our top selling products are government-accepted, limit-of-detection protocols for food products, which is usually 0.01 parts per million.

Effect of glyphosate on human health

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum herbicide used to kill weeds, especially those resistant to other herbicides. Glyphosate works by inhibiting an enzyme necessary for plant growth.

While glyphosate is safe for use around humans and animals, there is some concern that exposure to glyphosate may be harmful to human health.

Exposure to glyphosate has been linked to various health problems. While we need more research to fully understand the potential health effects of glyphosate exposure, the available evidence suggests that this chemical may pose a risk to human health. Therefore, it is important to avoid or minimize exposure to glyphosate, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or have children.

Why should you opt for glyphosate residue free whey protein?

As we all know, whey protein is very beneficial for our health. You can consume it to get a great source of protein and amino acids, essential for your body. However, not all whey protein is equally fruitful to your health. Opt for glyphosate residue-free whey protein, the best kind of whey protein you can consume.

Glyphosate is a toxic chemical that is used in herbicides. It has been linked to cancer and other health problems. Consuming whey protein that contains glyphosate residue can increase your risk of developing these health problems.

A whey protein with glyphosate residue-free certification is the best one you can consume because it does not contain any harmful substances. This means that you can get all advantages of whey protein without worrying about the health risks associated with glyphosate.

Upsides of glyphosate residue free whey protein

If we want to summarize certain benefits of using glyphosate residue-free whey protein, one of them is improving gut health. Glyphosate has some links with negative health effects such as gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, avoiding this chemical can help keep your gut healthy and free from potential problems.

Glyphosate residue-free whey protein is a great source of protein, important for those looking to build muscle or lose weight. Our body needs protein to maintain health and repair cells, so it is vital for both bodybuilders and people trying to slim down.

Also, whey protein is very easy to digest. You won’t have gastrointestinal problems, such as bloating or indigestion. For people who have sensitive stomachs, this can be a great advantage. Let us shed light on some of the less talked about benefits.

Glyphosate residue free whey protein is safe

Glyphosate residue-free protein does not contain any of the harmful chemicals found in glyphosate products. This means it’s a safer option for you to consume, especially if you’re looking to add protein to your diet without putting your health at risk.

It’s more effective

Glyphosate residue-free protein is more effective than products that contain glyphosate residues. The reason it has a higher concentration of protein, which means your body can better utilize it to build muscle and repair tissue.

Glyphosate free protein is more affordable

Whey protein is more affordable than products high in glyphosate residues. This is because it doesn’t have to go through the same manufacturing process, which can add to the cost of the product.

Glyphosate residue free products are better for the environment

Glyphosate residue-free whey protein is better for the environment because it doesn’t require the use of harmful chemicals in its production. This means that it’s a more sustainable option for you to consume, and it doesn’t put the environment at risk.

At NATURALTEIN, we have India’s first and only certified glyphosate residue free whey protein. We make sure you get safety and health without any compromise.


As people are growing more and more conscious of their health, NATURALTEIN wants to ensure our customers get no harmful protein powders from us. We will make sure you get your hands on 100% natural products. Buy glyphosate residue free whey protein from us for yourself and your loved ones.


What is glyphosate herbicide?

Glyphosate is a broad-spectrum post-emergent herbicide that effectively controls many annual and perennial weeds, grasses, and sedges. Glyphosate works by inhibiting an enzyme essential to plant growth. When applied to leaves, stems, or roots of plants, glyphosate interferes with the production of amino acids, causing the plant to stop growing and eventually die. Glyphosate is often used in combination with other herbicides to improve its effectiveness. Not to mention, glyphosate is non-toxic to animals and humans and brilliant in agriculture, forestry, urban landscaping, and home gardening.

We make sure our protein powders don’t have this, and all ingredients have come naturally.

What is glyphosate made from?

Glyphosate is a chemical compound widely used as an herbicide, it is a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide called a weed killer. First synthesized in 1950, glyphosate started its commercial run in 1974. Glyphosate has become one of the most widely used herbicides in the world. Glyphosate is prominent in both agriculture and landscaping. It kills weeds and grasses that compete with crops in agriculture. In landscaping, glyphosate kills weeds and brush that can interfere with the growth of trees and other plants.

We make our protein powders from 100% natural ingredients with no artificial stuff.

Are organic foods pesticide-free?

Organic foods have lower levels of glyphosate or pesticide. Pesticides are chemicals that kill or control pests. However, approved pesticides should come from natural sources, and they must not pose undue risks to human health or the environment. In addition, organic farmers must take steps to minimize pesticide residue and prevent pests from becoming resistant to them.

Buy glyphosate residue-free whey protein from NATURALTEIN to get 100% natural products.

What are easy methods to detox your body of glyphosate?

You should ensure to detox your body of glyphosate to avoid the harmful effects of this chemical. We are putting forward a few ways you can do this, including:

  • Drinking plenty of water will help flush the chemical out of your system.
  • Eating foods that contain sulfur and manganese such as broccoli, cabbage, and kale.
  • Taking supplements from NATURALTEIN: we have glyphosate residue-free certification supplements to detox your body of glyphosate.
  • Avoid foods containing glyphosate including many processed food brands and some crops sprayed with the chemical.
  • Exercising will help sweat out the chemicals.
  • Following these tips may help you detox your body of glyphosate a great deal and safeguard yourself from its harmful effects.
  • You can also buy glyphosate residue-free whey protein from NATURALTEIN to detox your body.

Can I drink whey protein every day?

Of course, you can consume whey protein every day. Many people do just that. Whey protein is a great way to get additional protein into your diet. You can use it as a meal replacement or post-workout shake. If you’re looking to build muscle, drinking whey protein every day can help you reach your fitness goals. Just be sure to mix it up with other healthy foods and snacks and to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

At NATURALTEIN, you can find various types of whey protein powders, so choose your pick.

Is glyphosate residue free whey protein cancerous?

We encourage caution when consuming whey protein supplements. Some animal studies have shown anti-carcinogenic properties. Buy glyphosate residue free whey protein from NATURALTEIN to get 100% natural products.

Is glyphosate residue free whey protein toxic?

No, whey protein is not toxic. Many fitness experts hail it as a “superfood” because of its many health benefits. Whey protein is a rich source and has a supply chain of essential amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. It also contains high essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Additionally, whey protein is low in fat and carbohydrates, making it an ideal nutrition source for people yearning to lose weight or build muscle.

Whey protein boosts immune system function, increases metabolism, reduces inflammation, etc.

NATURALTEIN whey protein follows all safety standards and ensures you get 100% natural product.

What are the side effects of glyphosate on humans?

Glyphosate residue in food may cause eye or skin irritation. People who breathed in spray mist from glyphosate products felt irritation in their nose and throat. Consuming products with glyphosate can cause increased burns in the mouth and throat, nausea, saliva, vomiting, and diarrhea.

At NATURALTEIN, we make sure our protein powders don’t contain glyphosate.

Which is the safest protein powder?

You may find a lot of protein powders online, but it’s not easy to know which one is the safest to take. However, keep these things in mind when looking for a protein powder that will help you make sure you’re getting a safe product.

First, check the ingredient list. You should avoid protein powders that contain artificial sweeteners, flavorings, or colors.

Second, make sure the protein powder you choose is low in heavy metals. Heavy metals can build up in your body over time and cause health problems.

Third, choose a protein powder that goes through third-party testing for purity and safety. This means that an independent organization has tested the powder to meet certain standards.

Finally, don’t look away from checking the expiration date on the protein powder you select. You want to be sure you’re using a fresh product that hasn’t been sitting on a store shelf for too long.

NATURALTEIN protein powders meet all these criteria that are hard to find these days.

What type of products can be certified?

Any ingredient or food product that is for human or animal consumption can be certified ‘Glyphosate Residue Free’ as long as the methods used by the ISO 17025 accredited third-party laboratory, for testing for glyphosate residues, can provide a clear quantifiable result for your product.

We at NATURALTEIN have decided to get our whey protein tested for glyphosate residue to ensure that it does not contain any harmful ingredients. And we are proud to inform that the test results have shown that our whey protein contains no detected glyphosate residue down to the limits of detection (LOD) based on government-accepted limit-of-detection protocols for food products – usually 0.01 parts per million (ppm).

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