NATURALTEIN Vegan Plant (Rice & Pea) Based Protein Powder – Mango Flavour – 500 GM/1kg (Naturally Flavoured, Gluten Free, 21g Protein)



Naturally flavored
Sweetened with Stevia
Consists of natural ingredients
Gluten-free | Soy-free | Vegan
High protein (21 g per serving) for muscle growth

(18 customer reviews)
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NATURALTEIN Vegan Plant (Rice & Pea) Based Protein Powder - Mango Flavour - 500 GM/1kg (Naturally Flavoured, Gluten Free, 21g Protein) 1,250.002,190.00

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Made with pea protein and fine rice, this vegan protein powder mango flavour delivers a high nutrition value and a full amino acid profile with a rich source of BCAAs. You get the best values of 21g protein and 4.1 g BCAAs per serving.



NATURALTEIN vegan protein powder contains no milk. It contains high quality protein with a unique combination of plant based proteins. You will get the essential amino acids your body needs post-workout recovery.

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If you have tried vegan protein before, you may find it has a bitter flavor and an unpleasant gritty taste. We have raised the bar and brought changes. You get a unique blend of great nutritional values and a taste of mango flavour.

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Dimensions 16 × 16 × 26 cm
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1 Pouch (500gms), 2 Pouches (1kg)

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Gluten Free, Low Sugar, Non-GMO, Organic, Soy Free, Vegan

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Weight management, General Fitness

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Powder, Supplements

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Plant-Based Protein

Dosing & Preparation

Mix 30g (about 1 Scoop) of  Protein with 150-200ml water or low-fat milk. First, add the liquid to the provided shaker. Then add one serving of  Protein powder and shake well for 20-30 seconds. For optimal results drink 1-3 servings daily directly post-workout or in the morning.

1. Add 30 grams of protein in 150-200ml of water/milk.

2. Shake it for few times.

3. Enjoy the natural goodness of our protein anytime in the day

Our Suggestion

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More Info

What is a natural vegan protein powder?

Simply put, a vegan protein is a protein that does not come from an animal source. This means you get protein from plants, such as soy, nuts, and beans, without anything from animals.

Vegan proteins are becoming increasingly popular as people move away from animal-based diets. For example, veganism not just has health benefits, but promotes animal welfare and reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well.

NATURALTEIN vegan protein powder consists of all-natural ingredients. We have made sure our vegan plant protein is glyphosate residue free.

Benefits of vegan protein powder mango flavour

Vegan protein is a great alternative for you if you are looking for a compassionate and healthier option to live. Vegan protein has many benefits, including the fact that it is a more sustainable option for the environment. Animal agriculture is one of the primary causes of greenhouse gas emissions. Becoming vegan can help reduce your carbon footprint by choosing NATURALTEIN vegan protein powders.

Vegan protein leads to weight loss

Meat eating is one of the primary reasons for obesity, those who eat meat tend to gain more weight.

You can lose weight if you consume vegan protein. Vegan protein is lower in calories and fat than animal based proteins. The best part is, with a vegan diet, you can eat more food and still lose weight. Plant based proteins are more filling, helping you eat less.

Vegan protein powder may reduce inflammation

Plant protein can reduce inflammation in your body. The reason for this is that it is high in antioxidants and other nutrients that protect your body from inflammation.

Vegan protein gives better heart health 

If you have a diet rich in vegan protein, it can lead to improved heart health. Plant based proteins are low in unhealthy fats and cholesterol that damage your heart. Since vegan protein is high in fiber, it can also reduce the risk of heart disease.

Vegan protein powder can increase muscle mass

Our body needs to grow and repair tissue after working out. Vegan protein can help create enzymes, hormones, and other chemicals in your body.

NATURALTEIN has the best vegan protein for bodybuilding

We understand it’s difficult for a vegan to find a protein that is purely plant based protein. Also, if you are into bodybuilding, it’s difficult to get enough protein. When it comes to building muscle, you need a protein powder that is high in quality and provides the right nutrients for your body.

While several plant-based protein powders are on the market, not all of them consist of all natural ingredients. NATURALTEIN is India’s best vegan protein powder made from a complete protein source, such as pea protein and fine rice. It is rich in nutrition that helps you build muscle.

NATURALTEIN is a high-quality vegan protein powder that can help you meet your calorie needs. You can add this vegan protein powder to your shakes or meals to help boost your post-workout recovery.

With the right diet and exercise, you can crack your fitness goals.

Why choose NATURALTEIN vegan protein powder mango flavour?

Today, many people are influenced by compassion toward animals. That’s why turning toward vegan protein powder mango flavour is a great choice.

In Animal-based proteins, you will get high cholesterol and saturated fat. These proteins are that they can increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, and other health problems. Plant based protein powders are a healthier alternative as they are low in cholesterol and saturated fat.

You can also obtain essential nutrients beneficial for the body from vegan protein powder mango flavour.

Research has shown that plant based proteins are beneficial for overall health. Certain authority portal has stated those who have a plant based diet have a lower risk of heart disease. Another study published in a health portal stated that people who follow a vegan diet had a lower cancer risk.

At NATURALTEIN, we create all natural vegan protein powder for a healthy and nutritious way to meet your protein needs. You can count on our plant protein to improve your health or lose weight. Our vegan protein may help you counter your food allergies or stomach sensitivities.


Is vegan protein powder healthy?

Some people think vegan protein harms our bodies because it doesn’t contain all the essential amino acids. Plenty of vegan proteins are complete proteins with all essential amino acids. Not only that, but vegan proteins are easier for our bodies to digest and absorb. So, vegan protein is a great option for healthy living.

The thing is, the two main benefits of vegan protein are low fat and cholesterol. It is a great source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals. You can find a vegan protein that consists of beans, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds.

Which protein powder is better: whey protein vs vegan protein? 

There’s no simple answer to which protein powder is better: vegan protein or whey. Both have pros and cons, and the best choice will ultimately depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Whey protein is a dairy-based protein rich in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). It is popular among bodybuilders and other athletes because it is an excellent source of protein and is easily absorbed by the body. However, some people find whey protein difficult to digest, which may cause bloating or gas.

Vegan protein powder is from plant-based sources such as peas, rice, or soy. It is lower in BCAAs than whey protein, but it is generally easier to digest and may not cause bloating or gas. Vegan protein powder can also be a good choice for people who are allergic or intolerant to dairy products.

Whey protein may be the best choice as a protein powder rich in BCAAs and easy to digest. However, vegan protein powder may be better if you are concerned about dairy intolerance or digestion issues.

Does high quality protein vegan powder have any side effects? 

As with any protein powder, there are potential side effects when taking artificial vegan protein supplements. You may find some of the most common side effects are bloating, gas, or constipation. These happen because of the high fiber content in many plant based proteins. If you are taking a vegan or plant-based protein powder and experience any of these side effects, drink plenty of water and high-fiber foods to help alleviate the symptoms.

Another potential side effect of taking vegan or plant-based protein is an allergic reaction. If you are allergic to ingredients in a vegan or plant-based protein powder, you may experience hives, swelling, difficulty breathing, or other symptoms. If you get symptoms, stop taking the protein powder and seek medical attention immediately.

At NATURALTEIN, we create vegan protein from all natural ingredients that are glyphosate residue free with a Cologne List® certification.

How much vegan protein powder per day to consume?

Consume natural vegan protein powder. Some vegan protein sources are higher in calories and fat than others. For example, tofu and tempeh are relatively high in calories and fat compared to other vegan protein sources such as beans and lentils.

To maintain a healthy weight, you must be mindful of the types of vegan proteins you consume. Choose vegan protein sources that are lower in calories and fat, and make sure to include a variety of other healthy foods in your diet.

Where can I buy vegan protein powder online? 

Vegan protein powder mango flavour will help you get your daily dose of protein. It has plant-based ingredients, perfect for vegans or people who follow a vegetarian diet.

NATURALTEIN vegan protein powders made from all natural ingredients. We manufacture all our products in Germany containing various naturally flavored ingredients. It is sweetened with Stevia and is gluten-free and soy-free.

What are the best plant based protein powders for vegetarians? 

There are a few things to consider when choosing natural protein supplements for vegetarians. Firstly, you should make sure that the supplement you choose is complete in all essential amino acids. Second, look for a supplement that is easy to digest and absorb. Third, choose a supplement that is low in fat and calories.

NATURALTEIN vegan protein powder has high BCCAs, low carbs, low fat, and high protein.

18 reviews for NATURALTEIN Vegan Plant (Rice & Pea) Based Protein Powder – Mango Flavour – 500 GM/1kg (Naturally Flavoured, Gluten Free, 21g Protein)

  1. Nilesh Wadhawan (verified owner)

    Good For the Price.

    I have consumed Nutrilite’s All Plant Protein for more than a decade. So, my review might be biased. I know what a top quality Vegan protein is like. But This one is also good considering the price. We can’t compare with Nutrilite’s. My other concern is it needs to be mixed for few minutes inside Milk to get real taste out of it. And third, it doesn’t come with neutral flavors.

  2. Tushar Gupta (verified owner)

    Without a doubt this is the best, pure and affordable source of protein without the fear of any kind of impunity or contamination aur any harmful chemicals also with no added suger, as I am a student and this is the best source of protein for me also in term of cost.
    Thank you Nuturaltein.

  3. Tushar Gupta

    Without a doubt this is the best, pure and affordable source of protein without the fear of any kind of impunity or contamination aur any harmful chemicals also with no added suger, as I am a student and this is the best source of protein for me also in term of cost.
    Thank you Nuturaltein.

  4. Sanket Sawant (verified owner)

    Quality is good. Get feeling of mango but taste could have been better. No artificial sweeteners like sucralose which can cause bloating issues. Good that natural sweetener Stevia is used to sweetened this vegan protein.

  5. Jyotiraditya Dabi (verified owner)

    Mixability is good taste is ok compared to other vegan protein powders !!
    Overall a good product!!

  6. Aditya Sneh (verified owner)

    Product is good with high mixability

  7. Batman (verified owner)

    Great product… Taste of mango flavor was fine enough and like all vegan proteins Mixability in water takes time. The product gives great results so I give it 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!!!

    NATURALTEIN Vegan Plant (Rice & Pea) Based Protein Powder - Mango Flavour - 500 GM/1kg (Naturally Flavoured, Gluten Free, 21g Protein)
  8. Sadaf Naqi (verified owner)

    Taste is okay..but quality and results are top notch…experienced zero bloating with this brand’s protein

  9. Eakpreet Singh

    Genuine product. I loved it.

  10. Manoj Latoriya (verified owner)

    best in the market.

  11. Deepak Sheoran (verified owner)

    Amazing product

  12. Bhavya Bhatia (verified owner)

    I have been using it from past 4 months and it is good results are good and also mixability is also good

  13. Gaurav (verified owner)

    I loved the product

  14. Raj (verified owner)

    Good product

  15. Abhishek Bharti (verified owner)

    Pros – Easily digestible, thickness is good, Mixabilty is good, Vegan(Good for the planet), Sugar not used
    What can be improved? – Packaging, Flavour is average(there is room for improvement), protein content per scoop can be improved

  16. Rajesh Thamandra (verified owner)

    Taste is not good

  17. Deependra Singh

    The best thing in it is that it has no artificial flavour and preservatives which makes this protein a clean and natural nutrional content.

  18. Atharva

    Good Protein, good taste. Zip close of protein packet can be improved, sometimes it does not get closed.

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