Natural Whey Protein Concentrate – Vanilla (Naturally Flavoured, GMO Free, Gluten Free, 23.1g Protein)



Made in India ! Tastes Amazing!
Made with 100% Natural Ingredients
Naturally flavoured
Super Mixability
Soy Free | Gluten Free | No Added Sugar
High Protein (23.1 g per serving)

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Our Whey Protein Concentrate is is made with natural Vanilla flavor to yield the richest tasting protein. Unlike other brands we do not add any Artificial flavors keeping our protein 100% Natural.



NATURALTEIN is the first company to use sunflower lecithin in protein powders. Our whey protein contains natural sunflower lecithin which is considered as a safer and healthier choice than soy lecithin used in other whey powders. Lecithin is added as an emulsifier (blending agent) to enhance the mix-ability to the protein powders.

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FREE HARMONE COWS whey protein germany


NATURALTEIN’s Protein is sourced from healthy cows which means that the cows are treated ethically and free of artificial bovine hormones such as rBST and rBGH. Research shows that Milk from healthy cows is nutritionally superior and healthier as compared to regular milk from cows kept in inhumane conditions. This milk is free from any chemical residues ensuring positive effects on your body.



Our Concentrate protein is not only Safe and Healthy for consumption but also one of the best in terms of Nutrition Values. It has approx 22.8 g protein and 4.8 g BCAA per serving. It helps you to maintain and recover your muscle and achieve lean muscle mass growth.

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Dosing & Preparation

Mix 30g (about 1 Scoop) of Whey Protein with 150-200ml water or low-fat milk. First, add the liquid to the provided shaker. Then add one serving of Whey Protein powder and shake well for 20-30 seconds. For optimal results drink 1-3 servings daily directly post-workout or in the morning.

Protein Powder for a Nutrient-Rich Diet
1. Add 30 grams of protein in 150-200ml of water/milk.
Delicious Protein Shake in a Glass
2. Shake it for few times.
Refreshing Hydration with Naturaltein Drinks
3. Enjoy the natural goodness of our protein anytime in the day

Our Suggestion

The protein elements of whey are metabolized very quickly, which is why you should drink a shake right after training. If you are interested in the complete package of an all-around supply for your muscles, you could add the Pure 07 Pre-Workout supplement as well. Your benefit: you can use Whey Protein for an optimized nutrient supply directly after training. Pure 07 Pre-Workout is best to take after an evening workout or right before bed. The casein content slows down protein consumption, which ensures a nutrient supply and repair processes for your muscles all night while you sleep – muscle mass breakdown is prevented.


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More Info

Buy Whey Protein Concentrate Vanilla Flavour

What helps you improve performance, fortify your body from the inside, AND is tasty?

Naturaltein’s vanilla whey protein powder!
Our whey protein vanilla flavour makes you look forward to hitting the gym. This is because you know that a creamy and tasty protein shake is waiting for you at the end of your workout. So make your post-workout refreshment more enjoyable with our whey protein vanilla flavoured protein powder.

Best vanilla whey protein powder – Get whey protein concentrate vanilla flavour from Naturaltein

Our whey protein powders are made from 100% natural ingredients. Naturaltein is a firm believer in clean protein. All our whey protein concentrates are made from the milk of grass-fed cows. They are GMO-free and 100% vegetarian.
Naturaltein ensures that the cows the milk is sourced from are happy and not given any hormone injections. Our products are made in Germany and directly imported from there. So, you can be sure that all the products are authentic and of high quality.

Vanilla whey protein powder benefits

Whey protein has many benefits.

1. Naturaltein whey protein concentrate vanilla flavour is a rich source of protein

Our Vanilla whey protein powder has a high protein content.

2. Known to improve muscle mass – vanilla whey protein nutrition facts

Proteins are the body’s building blocks. The body uses them to heal wounds, repair tissues, and for a wide variety of biochemical processes. If you do not intake an adequate amount of protein, you will start to lose muscle mass and may even lose the use of your limbs.
Whey protein fortifies the muscles and help the body retain its strength. This makes our vanilla whey protein powder ideal for athletes and bodybuilders and for those who want to maintain their musculature.
Senior citizens may benefit from whey protein concentrate consumption, as they often lose critical muscle mass with advancing age.

3. Naturaltein vanilla whey protein powder nutrition facts- It Can help you manage your weight

When the body loses muscles, it starts to accumulate fat. This leads to weight gain.
Supplementing your diet with our vanilla flavoured whey protein concentrate may prevent that. Additionally, ingesting protein keeps you full for a longer time, preventing unhealthy snacking.

4. Naturaltein whey protein in vanilla flavour may help you control your blood sugar levels

Some studies show that people who regularly take whey protein tend to manage type 2 diabetes better. Evidence shows that supplementation with whey protein concentrate can improve insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels.
Additionally, by helping you keep your weight in check, it also prevents the body from developing type 2 diabetes.

5. Can keep your BP in check with Naturaltein whey protein concentrate vanilla flavour

Scientists say that dairy product intake is related to a healthier heart. Whey protein can be good for your cardiovascular system and keep your heart healthy. Besides, by keeping your weight and blood sugar levels in check, they mitigate the chance of a host of complications.

6. Naturaltein whey protein concentrate vanilla flavour can fight inflammation

Inflammation is the body’s response to damage. When inflammation becomes a permanent fixture in your life- it can be debilitating, as well as the stepping stone to several complications.
Studies show that whey protein intake is linked to low levels of inflammation markers.

7. Our vanilla whey protein powder can help in antioxidant production

Glutathione is an essential antioxidant that the body manufactures. Evidence shows that the body should have enough amino acids for its production. Whey protein supplementation can help with that.
Naturaltein whey protein in natural vanilla flavours can help you get all the benefits in one scoop. With our organic vanilla whey protein powder, you can get most German wellness science.
On top of that- you can finish your workouts with some delicious vanilla whey protein shakes. What more do you need to stay happily fit?


What is vanilla whey protein powder?

At Naturaltein, you can get the best vanilla whey protein powder. Our premium quality whey protein concentrate powder now comes in a vanilla flavour that makes your post-workout refreshments even healthier- and tastier. Our whey protein powders can improve performance and keep you overall healthy and strong.
Made from 100% natural ingredients, our vanilla whey protein concentrate is precisely what you are looking for.

Vanilla whey protein powder nutrition

Naturaltein vanilla whey protein concentrate is rich in protein and low on fats and carbs. In a 30 gm scoop, you will get:
Protein- 22.8 gm
Carbohydrates- 2.39 gm
Saturated fatty acids – 0.9 gm
Fat- 1.5 gm
Sugar- 2.25 gm
Our products do not contain artificial sweeteners or preservatives- which makes them ideal for supplementing. Made from 100% vegetarian ingredients, Naturaltein whey protein concentrates are clean and help you stay happily fit.

Vanilla whey protein powder ingredients

Naturaltein vanilla whey protein powder is made from the milk of grass-fed cows. The cows are not given any growth hormones, and the farmers ensure that they are happy and well looked after.
Naturaltein vanilla whey protein concentrate is sugar-free and flavoured by natural vanilla. This makes our product rich in taste and nutrition. Our product does not contain any soy lecithin. We use sunflower lecithin instead. This provides you with natural antioxidants, which keep you healthy.
Our product is gluten-free and GMO-free. Buy your whey protein concentrate in vanilla flavour today!

Vanilla whey protein powder recipes

You can use Naturaltein whey protein with natural vanilla flavour to make delicious protein shakes. All you need to do is just add it to water or milk. Or, you can use it to make a great milkshake- by adding some berries, banana or other fruits of your choice. You can add our whey protein concentrate in vanilla flavour to your oatmeal, fruit juices or smoothies- add some extra helping of goodness to your breakfast.
Our vanilla flavoured whey protein powder can also go in your pancake batter- just drizzle some honey on them, add your favourite fruits to it and you will have a hearty- and healthy breakfast.

Vanilla whey protein powder nutrition facts

The Naturaltein whey protein concentrate in vanilla flavour has 22.8 gms of protein per serving of 30 gms. Apart from that, in every 100 gm, you will get:
386 kilocalories or 1615 KJ of energy
76 gms of protein
8.3 gms of carbs
3 gms of saturated fatty acids
5 gms of fats
7.5 gms of sugar.
Our whey protein concentrate in vanilla flavour does not contain any artificial flavours or sweeteners. We use natural vanilla to flavour of whey protein concentrate, and use stevia to add sweetness. Our products are 100% natural and free from preservatives.
As our whey protein concentrate vanilla flavour powder is low on fats and carbs and high on protein, it is ideal for anyone who wants to build muscle mass, improve athletic performance or lose weight. Talk to your doctor today to know the right dosage for you.

17 reviews for Natural Whey Protein Concentrate – Vanilla (Naturally Flavoured, GMO Free, Gluten Free, 23.1g Protein)

  1. Shubham patel (verified owner)

    Genuine product, quality is good and taste is also fine.

  2. Kartikey guleria (verified owner)

    Amazing as always.The flavour is completely natural as compared to other brands

  3. Suhail Ashraf (verified owner)

    I do a lot of research for buying a good whey protein. The certificate naturaltein has is next to impossible for other brand to get in this market, Hats off to Naturaltein for this amazing product.

  4. Suhail Ashraf (verified owner)

    I do a lot of research for buying a good whey protein. And I found Naturaltein Whey Protein. The certificate naturaltein has is next to impossible for other brand to get in this market, Hats off to Naturaltein for this amazing product.

  5. Suraj Raj (verified owner)

    Great product. One of the best and genuine product in the market.

  6. Sandeep Saudha (verified owner)

    Great product

    Natural Whey Protein Concentrate – Vanilla (Naturally Flavoured, GMO Free, Gluten Free, 23.1g Protein)
  7. Umesh Garg (verified owner)

    The best protein in the market.
    Using this product from 2 years.
    No extra sugars🥰

  8. Kartik (verified owner)

    Quality is good but taste sucks.They should improve its tatse.

  9. Rahul (verified owner)

    Great taste. Natural flavours. No side effects.

  10. Ravi Shankar Saini (verified owner)

    I really don’t like the taste of the vanilla flavour..

  11. Bhavin (verified owner)

    Natural ingredients with quality source of protein. Great thing is, sugar comes from stevia. Totally recommended.

  12. ANKIT SRIVASTAVA (verified owner)

    Good product, taste not up-to the mark. Unflavored is better than Vanilla.

  13. Vishal Dubey (verified owner)

    Great taste, very light in stomach, no bloating and goog results.

  14. Abhinav Singh (verified owner)

    Excelllent protein with natural taste.. go ahead and buy this.. doesnt after aftertaste or bloating

  15. Adharsh (verified owner)

    Good mixability, descent taste and very good results

  16. vivek sagar (verified owner)

    The product is good. But I personally didn’t like the taste much.. no issues with taste per say, it’s just my personal opinion. I liked the chocolate flavour better. It tastes like dark chocolate which I love.. in my personal opinion the unflavoured protein is the best. Absolutely no bitterness at all.. goes well with either water or milk. So that’s my favourite, I usually take my protein with water.

  17. kiran (verified owner)

    Ordered this product multiple times over past 1.5 years. No Side effects. Good Product

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