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protein shake for breakfast

Protein Shake for Breakfast: Good or Bad?

The best high protein breakfast shake is a great way to start your day. They give your body the nutrients it needs to get through the morning. But are you getting the best breakfast protein shake for yourself? If you’re trying to lose weight or just eat healthier, protein shakes can be a meal replacement […]

How to Increase Protein Intake?

If you want to stay healthy, ensure that you have enough protein in your diet. Are you wondering how to increase protein intake? We have the answer right here. Of course, a healthy, protein-rich diet is a great way to crush your fitness goals and improve your performance. However, you can consider supplementing with whey […]

Whey Protein vs Plant Protein

When it comes to vegetarian protein, there are two options: whey protein and plant protein. To make the best health decision for yourself, you need to understand the differences and advantages of whey protein vs plant proteins. That is exactly what we will look into today. We will cover the following topics: Whey protein vs […]

Popular Whey protein powder flavors

Popular Whey Protein Powder Flavors

Whey protein is great for you- and essential in your fitness journey. Won’t it be great to have them in your favourite flavours? Today, we will look at the most popular whey protein powder flavours. For the most nutritious and tastiest whey protein flavours- check out the NATURALTEIN whey protein powder range. Best whey protein […]

what is pre workout supplement

What is Pre Workout Supplement?

What is pre workout supplement? You must have heard the term if you are a health or fitness enthusiast. As you can guess from the name, pre workout supplements are used as protein before workout that is taken before you start exercising. Pre workout supplements are designed to help you increase your energy and performance […]

What is Whey Protein Concentrate?

When it comes to health, many people don’t want to make any compromise. You will see the rise of healthy proteins because regular diets may not contain all essential amino acids. Many people want to know what is whey protein concentrate as it is one of the most popular forms of protein powders. This write-up […]

Best whey protein shakes for weight loss

Best Whey Protein Shakes for Weight Loss

Adding protein shakes to your diet chart can be an easy way to increase protein intake. This can be useful for those looking to build muscle, lose weight, or recover from injury. This article talks about the best whey protein shakes for weight loss and lists ready-made healthy Protein shakes that a person can consider […]

6 Protein Myths You Should Stop Believing

In this day and age, everyone wants to make the best health decision for themselves. When it comes to protein powders, many people don’t understand which brand has the best sources of protein. Today, we are going to look at some popular protein myths and see how much truth is there in them. At NATURALTEIN, […]

pre workout supplements benefits

Health Benefits of Pre Workout Supplements

Many of us want to crack our fitness goals. One of the most effective ways is to add top pre workout supplements to your diet. If you want to learn about pre workout supplements benefits and what does pre workout do, you have landed on the right page. At NATURALTEIN, we create the best supplement […]

plant protein vs animal protein

Plant protein vs Animal protein- What’s the difference?

You may not know, but your body needs protein to stay healthy and function properly. Many people ask questions about whether they should go for animal protein or plant protein. That’s why there are plenty of discussions about plant protein vs animal protein. Well, we are here to find out, which one you should opt […]

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