Common Fitness Myths That You Should Avoid

Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle many people are inclined towards nowadays. However, even after having all the resources, people are not completely aware of the common fitness myths about health and fitness, for example. Vegans don’t necessarily focus on their protein intake and think they can get through without it. But the truth is, everybody needs protein in the right amount for a fit body.

This is where natural protein power has a vital role to play. At NATURALTEIN, we create protein powders made with 100% natural ingredients. If you trust us as your fitness partner, you will make the right health decisions and crack your fitness goals. Simply put, our protein powder is not harmful to your health. It’s a convenient protein source that helps many people meet their daily protein requirements.

Now, let’s focus on some fitness facts and myths that have been around for a long time. Check out the top 10 fitness myths below:

10 Common Fitness Myths You Should be Aware Of

1. Carbs are the devil

Carbohydrates are not and have never been the enemy of a healthy body. They provide fiber and are our body’s preferred energy source. Carbohydrates are necessary for our bodies to have enough energy throughout the day, especially during workout routines.

The real enemies are the carbohydrates found in processed foods. Junk food is addictive, suppressing our natural ability to feel full. That is why “once you start, you can’t stop binge eating your favorite food!” So, carb is not entirely the devil, but your choice of carbohydrates is!

2. “Eating clean” all the time

We do not deny that eating healthy food all the time will work for your fitness goals. But trying to put yourself through a strict and structured diet regularly can be mentally exhausting. So, let us get this fitness myth busted.

Extreme clean eating is not always supported by research, and you may develop nutrient deficiencies if your food options are too limited. In some cases, clean eating can become less of a diet than an identifying, possibly leading to disordered eating. This is one of the most common fitness myths that you must stay clear of.

3. Excessive sweating equals a good workout

Most of us believe that more sweat equals a better workout as it will burn more fat. And yes, sweating does help you burn calories. For example, as per this small study, doing Bikram yoga for 90 minutes has helped men lose 460 calories and women 330 calories.

The problem is you may probably gain weight as soon as you rehydrate by drinking water. As a result, forcing ourselves to sweat more by working in hot weather or wearing heavy clothing will not result in additional fat loss.

So, how can you lose fat? One trusted way to lose fat is to use quantified nutrition and create a calorie deficit. A regular workout routine is also recommended.

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4. More Workout is better

Another one of the fitness and nutrition myths is that the more you work out, the better. According to the fitness expert, you don’t have to spend hours and hours on the treadmill, followed by two hours of weight training. The key is balance and body specificity. You need to balance healthy eating, Cardio, and resistance training.

Overtraining puts you at risk of injury and creates new imbalances in your body, leading to major problems. When you’re injured, you can’t train, and you lose all of your hard work.” Whether your goal is sports training, weight loss, or correcting an existing issue, the solution is the same: find a well-rounded plan that includes a good mix of cardio, resistance, and mobility exercises. Never fall for these common fitness myths, and do your research first.

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5. Social media fitness challenge

Fitness is a long journey with no quick fixes, so don’t fall for the fitness and gym myths you find online. Numerous diet and fitness challenges are available on social media platforms to assist you in starting your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

While these options can be a great way to get motivated initially, finding ways to sustain your results to achieve your long-term goal of better health is critical. “However, you must remember that everyone’s body is unique.” Comparing your fitness journey to others will lead to obvious self-image issues and the belief that you are not fit enough.

6. Fasted Cardio to burn more fat is a common fitness myth

Regarding weight loss, fasted Cardio, or exercising on an empty stomach, has been a source of contention. Fasted cardio works on the theory that you will burn more fat because your body will use stored fat as energy instead of glucose.

Although fasted Cardio may initially burn more calories, it ultimately makes little difference in terms of weight loss because what matters most is your daily calorie intake. In other words, if you want to lose weight, being in a caloric deficit is far more important than whether or not you exercise on an empty stomach. So, make sure you stay clear of these exercise facts.

7. HIIT is better than steady-state Cardio

Another popular myth and fact about fitness is the superiority of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) over regular exercise. More specifically, this myth supports the theory that HIIT training can burn more fat than running on a treadmill. Under certain conditions, HIIT training can improve one’s health more than most steady-state exercise variations. However, both exercise methods appear to produce the same or similar results when it comes to fat loss.

8. Gluten-free is the healthiest choice

Don’t believe everything you hear or blindly follow what’s trending. Most of these data are nothing but common fitness myths. Gluten-free food is an ongoing trend amongst fitness enthusiasts.

But simply because a food is labeled gluten-free does not imply that it is healthier than a gluten-containing counterpart. Gluten-free processed foods are generally still junk food. However, the gluten-free label has gained a reputation for being more health-conscious, so it is easy to be misled.

Instead of looking for gluten-free foods, look for healthy whole foods that don’t have a list of ingredients you can’t identify. Fresh produce and pasture-raised eggs are examples of such foods. So, ensure you know the facts behind a type of food being labeled healthy rather than following a trend.

9. Only eat raw vegetables

For people who follow a dedicated health regime, it is commonly known that they should only eat raw or boiled vegetables to stay healthy. But is this entirely true, or is it just another myth of nutrition and fitness?

Eating raw vegetables significantly affects a person’s weight loss journey. Raw vegetables reduce salt, sugar, and oil intake, which does help a person stay slim. But, the benefits of cooking vegetables are more than eating them raw.

For example, when you cook a vegetable, the heat generally activates the minerals and nutrients contained in that vegetable. So, eating well-cooked food might help you absorb more nutrients than you will otherwise. Hence, even though raw vegetables are healthy, you don’t necessarily have to stick to that routine to stay fit.

10. Cut out all sugar

Sugar, in general, is thought to be fattening, and you can’t lose weight while eating sugar. Because of this fat but fit myth, people attempt to lose weight by eliminating all sugar from their diet. They stop eating some fruits, drink bland coffee with no sweetness, refuse desserts, and turn their lives upside down because they believe sugar is fattening.

Sugar, in and of itself, is not fattening. Fat gain occurs when you consume more calories than you burn over time (also known as a caloric surplus), regardless of whether those calories are sugar, starch, fat, or protein. In contrast, fat loss occurs when you consume fewer calories than you burn over time (known as a caloric deficit). So, you don’t need to cut out sugar 100% from your diet.

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‘Heath is wealth’ is an old saying, but it’s still one of the most relevant quotes. Being healthy has many benefits, and there are many ways to stay fit. But one of the most important elements of any fitness process is being careful about the common fitness myths. These health and fitness myths can make your fitness journey harder than it has to be.

We must continue to exercise and eat healthily regularly to meet the physical demands of the modern lifestyle. If we don’t find the time for a fitness routine, we must find alternative ways to stay healthy. For example, we can use stairs instead of lifts or walk to nearby locations instead of driving. Maintaining a regular sleeping schedule is also critical in developing a healthy lifestyle and using the right health products like NATURALTEIN protein powders.

Buy NATURALTEIN protein powders, and you can crack many of your fitness goals. We have whey proteins, pre-workout, creatine, and multivitamins that greatly help you.


What are the fitness industry myths?

A common fitness myth about the fitness industry is that sports drinks are preferable to water. Sports drinks are intended to provide us with energy, and they are usually high in sugar. We don’t need them unless we’re exercising or performing strenuous tasks for an extended period. For example, a sports person may begin drinking a drink near the end of a game when he runs low on glycogen and becomes fatigued.
Consider the following scenario: sitting at home watching TV, expending very little energy, but drinking an energy-dense sports drink. Most of the time, that energy is stored and not used, usually stored as fat. On the other hand, water is essential for our survival and health; it does not need to be replaced.

What are the biggest fitness myths?

As a fitness enthusiast, you might have heard the phrase -there is no such thing as too much exercise. But there is! The body does all the necessary repairs to make itself fitter and stronger during resting and not while exercising. So if you take that rest away, you will never reach your full potential. This is not an excuse to only go to the gym once a week and claim your body requires rest; that is a little much! It’s best to follow the ‘hard, easy’ rule, which states that you should follow tough training sessions with a gentler workout.
Adding NATURALTEIN vegan protein powder to your fitness bucket list will be an energy booster. It does not contain any milk. It has high-quality protein as well as a unique blend of plant-based proteins. You’ll get the amino acids your body requires for post-workout recovery.

What are the fitness myths debunked?

Gaining weight means getting fat is a common fitness myth. Stepping on a scale to discover that you’ve gained weight can be discouraging, especially if your primary goal is to lose fat. Once you start exercising, your mass will most likely stabilize, if not increase. However, in most cases, the excess weight is only temporary and primarily caused by water retention. Conversely, this gym myth is somewhat misrepresentative because you can gain muscle tissue – and thus, your weight also increases, especially if you’ve just started exercising.

What are some fitness myths that have been busted?

There are many fitness myths that a lot of people believe. So, if you somehow figure out these myths and stay clear, you can truly make the most of your fitness routine. Some common fitness myths are gluten is always healthy, raw vegetables are the most beneficial, the more you workout, the better, etc.
To maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay fit, you must know which fact is true and which is just a myth. You will realize how much your fitness regime needs to be changed once you bust these myths. So, along with these given myths, always find more fitness myths online.

What are the main challenges a person faces when starting a fitness routine?

To follow a workout routine and diet plan, simply having enthusiasm for it is not enough. There are many other things that you need to keep in mind. Many people face a handful of problems when they are about to start a fitness routine. Some of these are:
They don’t know where to start
They are not sure which fitness advice is true and which is a myth.
People find it tough to let go of their bad health habits.
Not finding top-quality products like protein powder to help improve their fitness standards.
Many people don’t know their ultimate fitness goals.

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